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Award Winning Book SCARED POOPLESS

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Much of what we all know about dog care is myth, outdated information or advertising propaganda. Get a crash course in everything dog with a charming distilling of the newest information from top experts across the country. Read it for the two years of research. It is loaded with wild color photos of Maltese, thought-provoking trivia and commentary from an opinionated and wickedly witty four-pound Maltese.

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You probably think you already know how to care for your dog. Author Jan Rasmusen did -- until countless hours of research and interviews with many of this country's most respected and innovative veterinarians changed her mind forever. What began as a desperate search to save her Maltese Jiggy's life took a surprising turn with the potential to improve the lives of all dogs.
Scared Poopless, narrated by Chiclet, a tiny Maltese with a big attitude, is that rarest of commodities: a life-changing book that is actually great fun to read! It will shock you, make you laugh, and it could save your dog's life.
From the Authors
Scared Poopless: The Straight Scoop on Dog Care is the Winner of the Ben Franklin Award for the Best Health Book in the country, Winner of the USABookNews Award for the Best Health Book and finalist for the Dog Writers Association Best Care and Health Book. It is recommended by the Animal Protection Institute, the Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, actress/activist Betty White and even the dog superstar Benji!
Scared Poopless was inspired by the life-threatening illness of her Maltese Jiggy. That's Jiggy left, with Jan and "co-author," Chiclet. See the funny video story of how Chiclet survived scandal and went on to become an author and healer
As Jan desperately researched the cause and possible cures for Jiggy's disease, she came to a shocking conclusion that most of what she knew about dog care she'd learned from people trying to sell her something!
"Much of this information was not only wrong, but often harmful. I had endangered Jiggy's life, though I'd had the best of intentions. Incensed by the influence of commercial interests on dog care, I set out to expose how so many of us are inadvertently harming our dogs even as we are trying to help them--and we're paying dearly for the privilege. Because I love animals, and because I want my readers to know that I'm in this only to help dogs, rather than to make money, I DONATE ALL MY AUTHOR ROYALTIES TO ANIMAL CAUSES."
Accomplishments: "I already told you about my awards. I didn't tell you that Dr. Jean Hofve, then The Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, called Scared Poopless "a wonderful book," adding that she had "rarely been so impressed by any publication." She recommends it to all dog guardians and suggests that veterinarians buy it by the case for their new clients. The most exciting thing is: Veterinarians are actually doing it!"

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