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Original Style Belly Bands with Designer Patterns

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Product Details

Available in Many Designer Patterns

Double thickness, 2"x 3" Velcro for ease of fitting

Ships in 2-3 weeks or less

Belly Band and Fancy Pants Tips:

1. Secure snugly but no so tight this it cuts off circulation or causes irritation.

2. If dog gets quite wet, wash down the belly area to prevent irritation and dry thoroughly.

3. Do not leave a wet pad on your dog. Chaffing and sores may develop.

4. If chaffing develops, use a protective ointment on your dog’s skin.

5. Belly Bands and Fancy Pants are not meant to replace your dog’s regular potty training.

Maintain a regular eating and potty schedule for your dog.

Washing Instructions:

1. Close Velcro ends

2. Wash in warm water

3. Medium heat when drying

What pad to use in your Belly Bands and Fancy Pants:

1. In the X-small and small sizes we like maxi pads with wings, cut in half.

2. In the medium size, maxi pads with wings

3. For larger sizes use adult diaper pads.

4. Cotton pads work best.

5. Use thicker pads depending on the amount of urine produced by your dog.

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